Read carefully

Equipment List

Items on this list are generally indispensable, or at the very least, highly recommended. 


- Work boots (steel toes).

- Rain gear.

- Work pants.

- Long underwear/sweat pants.

- T-shirts, and long sleeve work shirts.

- Long-sleeved fleece.

- Socks and underwear.

- Hat.

- Gloves.

- Town clothes and boots (hiking shoes).

Planting Gear:

- Set of planting bags (we provide when needed).

- Shovel (will be sold to you if you don't have one and be deducted on your first pay).

- Water jug (4 liters).

- Safety whistle (use something like a Fox 40.

Toiletries and Medicinal:

- The basics – toothbrush, deodorant, shaving kit, etc.

- Sun tan lotion.

- Vaseline, lip balm, and either Zincofax or Penaten for chafing and rashes. Penaten also works well for cuts on

the hands, and is cheap.

- Solarcaine, in case you get a bad sunburn (optional).

- Tylenol/Aspirin/Advil or other painkillers, muscle relaxants such as Roboxacet, or anti-inflammatories such as

Aleve (all optional).

- Antihistamines, if you might have allergies/hay fever (optional).


-Beddings (you will see sleep on a bed).

- Large “foamie” which acts as cushioning under your sleeping bag (optional).

- Small pack or bag for lunch and rain gear, known as your “day bag.”

- Insect repellent containing DEET.

- Battery powered Coleman lantern, and lots of batteries (optional).

- Flashlight.

- Duct tape.

Onsite Accommodation

You will be in shared accommodation with individual beds (option to make personal accommodation arrangement). There will be an onsite cook. Camp cost is $25/day deducted from your salary

Employees can bring other boosters for themselves such as energy drinks and granola bars